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whazzzup girl how’ve you been doing lately having fun I hope just think the weekend is just around the corner. Hope you have a fun/safe weekend. Hey cutie take care my friend and have some crazy/fun later.

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just stoppin by 2say hello, hope all is well with u??,an yes ive heard at bloddy that tobin bell is in talks about doing a saw8,an there will b one,i just dont know when...... lv shona x x x

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hey cutie have an awesome day.

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 I’ve been watching lots of funny C or B movies some are very silly/funny ie… Earth killers / Girls Gone Dead / Kentucky Fried zombies / locusts / Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter / Abraham Lincoln zombie slayer / The haunting of whaley house / The Raid / the list goes on I watch lots of crazy movies some funny to the totally silly/strange. Just entrainment and it passes the time.

Just to let you know that I could possible fill you page with the list of recently movies that I’ve watched these last few days.

I actually watch at least 2 or 3 movies a night when I have time when I get home from work.

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 just wanted to say hi

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I left,could not stand all the police,I just wanted to SCREAM,lol so I wnet home.


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just thought id say Hi Deanna im hanging out here more on fear than the other site ..... just want to say you are awesome

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haven't stopped in in a while, so HAVE A 

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Geuss Ill really get scared and go waatch some news lol being its dead in here....


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