Batman Masacure

Batman Masacure

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 On the opening night I saw the Dark Knight Rises with Carrie, thought the movie was on of the best ones I ever saw, and thought I'd think about it for weeks, now I'll only be thinking about the shootings in Colorado. I mean seriously, what the fuck was that guy thinking

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yeah thats true i heard someone saying we should not even publicise the fact this sucker went nutz and give him his 20 min fame, over here he was called something like batman madman, i mean come on for fuck sake the guy is just a dik,  nothing more, front page news there should of been no mention of the weedy little prick justa big spread to the families,, !! fookin media !!they just want there papers selling ,, wankers!!



They should call him something awesome like. . . . . . . . THE PINK PANSIE ! ! THE SHRUNKEN TESTICLE ! ! THE GREEN SNOT BUBBLE ! ! . . . . . . . . . . KOTEX-HEAD ! ! ! ! !

. . . mebbe with a less badass name, no one would want to be "infamous". Fucking dorky little coward.

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Here is a pink pansie.











Shrunken Testicle!!








Green Snot Bubble!!


































































































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Damn, Sorry it went so long on the page still don't have the hang of it yet posting pics!!!!!!!

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He clearly needed help also how did nobody see him coming

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Even though it has been awhile, here in can not really talk about the Nolan Series without that idoit being bought up. And in most movie theatres up in northern colorado, Cosplay is not allowed. & sadly for us, we still see him on the local news. & on one of his courts day...its all day of seeing his fugly face. :\


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