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I do have to appolgize for not responding to questions more promptly, or to be honest in  about 2 weeks. we (I) have been working on the site & covering comic con (that is a full week of aweful or awesome, it can go either way).
so lets get some misconceptions cleared up right off the bat:
@psycoxxx3 - if i was flexible enough to have my head up my ass i would be busy doing other things like......
@mentllmatt  one of those weird gaps on your profile is meant for friends, bringing the old friends in is not a problem but "making friends" is what needs about 16 hours of work to make fucntion correctly. That is being held back because it would make old members have something new members wouldn't be able to use....i think you will see that the second week of august.
To the question of "who is currently online", i don't have an eta on that because it was a little lower in the queue
@Everyone, we are releasing updates once a week, many of them you will probably not notice.  But i can tell you what is coming very soon:
Last week of july you will have control over you profile page backgrounds and have your own "banner" on your profile if yo want it
Second full week of august you will have friends back (old and able to make new friends)
How about i change the background color to signify a community change has be pushed to the live site? 
Allowing embeds again in comments; i actually have to follow upon that......it is a security thing.  I will get an answer on that on Monday (at least where we are).  Everyone wants the "upcoming horror" thread back in full force i know.
I want to say again, i am sorry i have not been around lately for reasons stated above and others that i don't know you well enough to think i can confide in you.  But that doesn't matter because.........
I am here again!


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thanks for the pass by, things are usually awesome just doing the usually routines.  I do hope that you situation will become more promising for your horizon with work/etc.. Hang in there and be safe.  I already know that you’re strong.


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check out z-mans off topic on that Batman massacre you might get a kick out of it what I did lol.

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watched that childish games the other night , spanish one,, proper sheet mate, dont even bother, dont know why i picked this one up !!LOL,, must be fookin mad!!!

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 well I thot, that mail order plastic surgery course that I took !! turned out OK??

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hey hellfighter i miss talking to you, i am just waiting for the profile updates and i will be back on fear regularlly. hope things are good with you. 

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I saw that movie before??? Beast with a thousand eyes??? Was that the name of it???

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hey,just flyin by 2say hello, i see that nothin has changed here yet!!! hmmmmmmmmmm :-0      hope things are a little better with u?? oh we have a new show that airs here in august,i have seen the tv trailer an it looks so gud,so i will giv it a look an let u know what i think,im goin 2try an post u a pic of it,but idk if it will work!?!?!?!!?!, ne way the show is called "person of interest" dont know if uve heard of it??,i think its done by the same guy that done alcatraz,an by the writer of the dark knight lv shona x


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