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Yeah. I love the 'puters.

Can't get enough of that...

... good stuff!

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Okay, this evening the formatting is going all the h#ll in a handbasket in these profile posts.

I wonder if there's a "modified" programming for these profile posts different from the main forum posts? Might account for the difference in the semi-functional formatting icon display.

Hmm... I dislike computers.

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this is bs : the  pic icone thingy says i ecceded my pic quota wtf grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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WTF does that mean?

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Yes,we are all waiting as the over lord's work there magic upon the new realm. The demons they must battle and fight there way through the time portal hoping not to get caught in between here and the neither world!!For as you know there are many levels of hell they must travel through back and fourth in order to restore that what was once there,and it is in the hands of the demons that posses it for the time being.The over lord's are doing battle as we speak,so draw up your axes' and start lobbing off some demon heads so we can help get the show on the road!!!

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yes I found that out as well only 18 pic can be stored,what a bite!!!!!!!!! so we have to delete pic's and add pic's that we want to use but how in the hell do u get rid of some pic's now that u don't want to keep the easy way?? GRRRRRR.......



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hay sis



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