I must admit. . . . . . . Im kinda/sorta getting tired of slasher movies. Yeah, they are still enjoyable but its like eating the same shit for YEARS. With all the modern efx they have, when are they going to bring back MONSTER MOVIES. Something wicked, quick, deadly, evil, alien. THE THING prequel was the most recent but they are few and far between. Anybody else missing a good old school type MONSTER flick ?


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Mall monster:

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Rayw- Yes, Gargoyles was one of the FIRST rubber suit monster flicks to scare me as a kid.  They were like Sleestacks that actually caught people.

Mentllmatt- I didn't see if anyone answered you, but are you talking about the Monster that Challenged the World?  I think it's about giant snails, amazing beastie puppets and is streaming on NF right now.  I haven't watched the whole movie in YEARS.

I'm dedicating 2013 to making nothing but monster movies.  Mostly suitmation, maybe some stop motion and puppetry.  All very, very B.  More like C.  Drop about 4 or 5 zeros from that "Creature" budget listed above.


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came across this flick POUNCE,, more i think your werewolf but a creature none the less, not much to go on but it will fill a pram !!


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