Lugosi77's picture

Sup killa!! is been a hot min!! Whtz crackin?!! dis site is still sum b.s!! but i not goin newhere!! i jus cant do it!! Neway have a great wkend gimme shout peace!!

rift267's picture

what up grible?! where u been u coming back?

skwlas4e's picture

just stoppin by 2say hello,hope as usual that all is well with u?? i dont really come on here as much ne more,its just not the same ne more,klownz did giv me a link 2anova horror site,so ive joined that an a few regulars from fear net r there!!, cant remember is u watch wwe?? i saw raw the 1000th eppy on monday nite,it was really gud,an it was great 2c the old dx gang back 2gether again!! love shona x x x

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hey! where are you dude? come play with us....

deman's picture

hi sis hope evrey thing is good

klownz's picture

Hey up neener! you still haven't joined up! we have a review section over there that could seriously use your reviews putting in!

yet your ass over there lol!


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whats good neener! how u been?

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