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sup bro!....well i wish u the best of luck man...if anyone deserves it its u....u telling me bro! i pay approx 140.00 per class!!! and thats just the class that doesnt include books,lab fees, and all that good stuff...lol...yet im too broke to afford classes but too rich to get financial aid...story of my life!!! and like u said we still rank low as shit!...ahh how times have changed.. 

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Just checking in to see how you are doing. Looks like a lot of people have migrated to other sites. Hope things get back to normal soon.

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just droppin by 2say hello,an 2c how things are with u?? i really dont come on here much ne more,still waitin 4the changes 2happen that they said wud,but nothin as of yet,an im like hmmmmmmmm!!!,i tryed the other sites that klownz gave me a link2,but they were ok 4a while,but its just not the same,2many problems with them,idk if thats just me though?? ne way i have joined netflix an been watchin a few films on there,an also ive been gettin in2 prison break again,omg hf i had 4gotten just how god damm gud this show was,im just gettin in2 season3!! love an miss u x shona x x x

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 hey noticed over at the mansion, you were there, edited some stuff, then gone, what gives, it seemed as tho you were settleing in??  HOPE ALLS WELL???  talk at you later,


going to leave. A troll that was banned from here after years of being a know it all, trouble maker made his way over there. I asked to be deleted and instead he was booted and I was asked to stay. So Im staying but I deleted a lot of my conversations as my sense of humor disappeared before anyone responded. I have enough stress in my life without putting up with b.s. online.

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was having fun over yonder but now with an invasion it will kind of suck so I guess maybe not as often now.I would hate to have a war or get booted off.I'll see. I just hope they get this up and going soon!!

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whats up hell

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I fully understand my friend,its just a shame that things had to change on here when they had a good thing going,I just don't understand why?? will u be on here?? Because I will Come on here as well! We can talk more on Sunday. If things start going sour there I won't be staying myself,I all ready don't care for some of the porn shit he is posting,it is just un called for Our one friend may think its ok for now but it will get out of hand and it will be ruined,all that hard work the both of them put into it. you were right about an invasion,it has started.Slowly,but it has started.I just hope fear net gets its shit together!!!

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Just checking in. Frosty is in a coma right now since thurs. My mom's nurse recommended her repair guy as cheap & honest so have to wait till Monday to see about getting him revived. Had to miss my Plant Swap today as I had no transportation. Worked in the yard today-it's kind of therapeutic. Only place I can go to be alone. Now I have blisters all over my Candy Ass hands even tho I always wear gloves. Looks like the person you didn't want to see is over at the other place. I never noticed that person before. So am not familiar with him. Another Frog appeared in my mom's bathroom, she is real upset. Wasn't in the toilet this time & I can't find him anywhere. I don't know what to do about it. Maybe he left the same way he got in. She's using my bathroom until I can solve the problem. Even with all the manual labor I still can't sleep-next week I have to see about finding a dr so I can get some of my meds back. Are things going any better as far as school & work? Still thinking of moving back home to NY? God, I wish I could go back home.Hope you have a good weekend.

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Hey HF thanks for the visit to my page, I do try and visit FEARnet when I can usually after I get in for the evening. Yes it does seem like this place is quiet at times probably most the regulars have venture to the other site that others have put together, soon it’ll be mostly new FEARnet members hanging out around these parts. “LOL” I’ll still be around.


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