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Just stopping by to say hello.

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what's up brother!!??

Mentllmatt on Monday, August 27, 2012 - 7:51pm

well I hope the same thing brother !!!well anyway I just thot that I wood stop by & say hope that things R good 4 you?? & that this place is still on of my places 2 go & see if my friends & peeps are still there ?? 


going fishing this weekend, & wow we got some rain not like they did in florida, but we still got some rain, now in a few days maybe, I hope, I might get 2 mow my lawn?? & I know that sounds like a chore, but I will take that chore, cause with this drought, I haven't had 2 all summer & I miss it !!!! 


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I just wanted to give a shout-out and say Hi. I guess that most have Ventured off to the other site.  I guess I’ll see you around when you visit. Later.

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Hey what is the addy to the new site? cant find it anymore!!!!

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Hey HF it’s good that you’ve not left FEARnet yet. I noticed the many of the past regulars are going to the other site that many are spreading the word to join there instead, which will leave the few of us that have been here for many years to adjust to the new regime with the new FEARnet members that do not know how good it was back in the days.  Hey Bro. I’m glad that school is keeping you busy, makes the time goes by. I also wish you well that you’ll get to be on your own again.

 HF I hope you’re having an safe/awesome Labor day

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just wanted 2 give you a shout & say hiya !!!!

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Hey Bro. hope things are going well for you.  I just wanted to stop and give a shout-out and say Hello. have some fun this weekend.

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bad ass profile sugar im digging it ....

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Ha, its working now after all this time. I have to spend some time here now that you can custamize your page, but not anytime soon, very busy at the college, working with my professors with my shorts and novels. I'll offer a few shorts for free on amazon kindle, seriously, I don't know what's taking my editor so long, oh wait I do know. She's a full time student at und and works full time.I asked her to so these retards can't charge me for editing. I know if you get publeshed by a company than they assign an editor to you, but my self published shorts have no editor, plus if I want my novel to get publeshed I have to make certain ALL grammer and spelling is correct.

But anyway, sorry for blabbing about myself, how are you doing?


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