Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

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I'm talking about the originals, not the remakes. Which do you prefer? Personally, I prefer Halloween. 

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Definately Halloween. It's pretty boss. :)


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I would say that the "Halloween" franchise is my favorite.  The first halloween is the best (the original) but I am a big fan of Rob Zombie and really like halloween 1&2 remakes.  But, I would have to say in my top five, is Jason vs. Freddie.  I know where not talking about Fiday the 13th, but I do love that movie!  What do you think guys and gals, a Freddie vs. Jason vs. Micheal Myers in the ultimate showdown?


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I have to say, it's Halloween. Elm St. was great in a different way, but Halloween is a life-changing classic.


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Halloween the original one hands down is the best!! I liked halloween 2 after that one 4, and 5, and i liked the unedited version of halloween the curse of michael myers it was way better than the one i saw in the show back in the 90's.


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I have to go with Halloween.  There is something about the shadow in the night, the monster in the closet, the boogey man under the bed feeling that resonates in the movie, that is so frightening.  The fact that Michael never speaks is creepy as well, because how often do we really talk about the things that scare us.  He's the personification of unreasoning fears.    


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I love them both but i'll say "A Nightmare on Elm Street" ;)


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If you're talking the originals, both of them suck and are mediocre. They are cheesy, old, crusty, and have poor special effects. They are so boring that I fell asleep before the first halves were even over. The remakes of both films are so much better. Unlike the originals, they actually have good acting and the effects are worth a damn.


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I am all for remakes, but the remakes for both films were not that good. Rob Zombie did pretty good on Halloween for the most part. He some what captured the feel of the original. But A Nightmare On Elm Street was not that good. The overall story line was weak, they tried to take a classic horror film and make into a thriller like film. Saying that Freddy might have been killed for no reason. As far as cheesy goes, neithor were. Halloween had a creepy feel to it, where Rob Zombie made the film by using a lot of fake blood which doesn't make a horror film good. Look at The Silence Of The Lambs, greatly written, perfectly directed, overall a great film without over use of fake blood. 


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most def freddy he will always be the top boogie man for me and my kids and probly my grankids


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