Let Sleeping Corpses Lie - "The Towel Scene"

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie - "The Towel Scene"

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One of the most unintentional comedic moments in a horror film came during Jorge Grau's 1974 zombie romp Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.  Yes, the "towel in the face" moment when our hero George is detained by police and finds a way to escape.  Haven't seen it?  Check it out below and witness greatness: 


What are some of your favorite, most ridiculous moments from a horror movie? 



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American werewolf in London


I think when David gets bitten by a werewolf on the moors and his friend Jack dies , as he was ripped to fookin shreds by the beast.

Once recovered in  hospital, David starts to have dreams of being a wolf and then has a visit from his dead friend jack whilst having a full english breakfast, and Jack asks if he can have his left over bacon , !! totally ridiculous sheet, with his face falling off and sheet !!!LOL


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