Horror film villains as projections of our desire?

Horror film villains as projections of our desire?

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So in my English class, my professor told us that horror film victims are a reflection of society's desire to kill people that go against the norm. He referenced classic villains such as Michael Meyers and how Michael kills those who society considers morally reprehensible. He went on to explain that we use such villains as scapegoats for our dark desires. Do you agree? What do you think? 


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Your English class professor is a nob-head


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While an interesting theory and idea, I don’t particularly agree with this whole thing. Firstly, the beginning statement is a contradiction, because the villains themselves are an ideology that goes against the norm. They were the outcast, the difference, and the freaks in society that became something dark and sinister, not some moral vehicle to harm those we deem immoral.

However, I can understand how those who are bullied and mistreated can relate to these individuals and wanting to harm those who endowed pain and suffering upon them. I think he’s reading too much into this fictional idea. After all, a lot of the villains get a bad rep anyway for merely being horror movies. I’ve never heard anyone dressing up as any of these characters and slaying someone because they thought it was a good idea in a horror movie, or adapting the deaths to suit their vengeance.

       When you strip away the deaths, blood and horror elements, you have seemingly realistic ideas loitering throughout the product. Most of these were once average working men, even nice guys. But through some corruption in their lives, they turn into these monsters in human flesh, and sometimes even more.

       If you think about it, the villains are perfect examples of being morally reprehensible, especially Michael and Freddy, who weren’t what we consider normal, but some sinister idea that wanted to harm through suffering and pain. They are the epitome of that idea.

       “Escape-goats for our dark desires”  Once again, I can fully understand where he’s coming from with role playing and role reverse enticed by these villains, because we’ve all had thoughts of wanting to harm someone who treated like crap. There will always be that notion of dark desire and fantasies, it’s human nature, but you can’t compensate these villains for your poor choices in life. These villains didn’t create the abusive and hateful nature, but the environment you have settled within. Columbine didn’t happen because Freddy or Jason encouraged neither did any other school shooting, murder, or other dark ideologies in society.


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It's that envy/revenge thing. The first to get their "comeuppance" are the bully/jock types, the cheerleader/slutress and the rich, boisterous boobs followed by the snooty homecoming queen and her court. Sometimes they are a mix and match, but anyone whos puts social status, money and looks above others feelings are usually killer magnets. Especially if the killer is the opposite-a disfigured, trailer trash, outcast "momma's boy"(AKA Norman). In essence, we live vicariously through the killer(as opposed to scapegoat, he's our anti-hero and saviour), as he takes  taking down the high and mighty of society so the weak (us) can inherit the earth-and the last girl standing. I think it's inbred in all of us to some degree to want to take down the "King-Of-The-Hill."


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