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Hello everybody

I’m very happy to propose you Snuff Films.


Snuff Films is French horror movie directed by Nicolas Bressier, Award audience Fear weekend festival is available on legal free streaming

Synopsis: This is after answering a casting on the internet that Sarah, accompanied by Daniel, her boyfriend goes on the set of a horror movie independent. Arrived on the scene of the appointment, they are trapped by three psychopaths perform a Snuff Movie.

Link of full movie from youtube VOST( English subtitles:)


Snuff Films Facebook:


For more information contact us ;

Nicolas B

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I really liked that and will be recomending it to people who are in other horror groups am in.

The film reminded me of that game "manhunt" crossed with the texas chainsaw massacre/the hills have eyes/devils rejects, I thought the locations and the way it was filmed were cool as well.

My only real criticisms are the subtitles seemed poorly translated, but that could easily be fixed, and I would have liked the film to have had a few more kills and to have been a bit more graphic.

Do you have a IMDB page set up for this film? And is it available to buy on DVD?


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First of all thank you very much for your encouragement, makes me very happy.
To answer your questions, no the film hasn't  imdb page, it's an amateur film shot in 10 days and producted for less than $ 1000, we do not have a professional production logistics for it.
The film is only available in French on DVD limited edition, once again we do not have the resources (especially time because we all work to pay our bills) Anyway, this is long is tedious. There are just a few of the film blog ;)
Anyway thank you to you for your support, we are pleased that our little film that, if our film had more means of course, would have benefited from better scenes, images, sound and of course better English subtitles . We are far behind the professional film product for a few million like texas chainsaw, devils rejects etc... Snuff Films is just a little, little movie produced by passion not by money ;)
Good day and thank you again.

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