so what of 2012 !?

so what of 2012 !?

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so what happened this year with the horror, anyone enlighten one!???, was it a good year for the horror??
Prometheus , did it peak your perks???,,,, what else ,,,what else!!!,,,,,,hmmmmm ,chuck up your upcomming horror of 2012, or rather commed horror lol,,, ?? tell me was it a good year or sheet year , i am thinking maybe not the fookin best year but i may of overlooked some goodies, tease me !!,,, u swines , the collection ,VHS,, nahhh rubbish boooo,,,any asian delights this year , i dont know i dont speak dutch , but surely something from france , i mean they are the leading country in horror right ?????lol,,, whatever,, !those pesky sweeds , they bang out some sheet, but did they bang out anything this year , i cant recall picking a sweed film in me upcomming horror spot, but i may of overlooked something,,,?what else what else ,,,, wasnt there a scifi flick nah,,, that was prometheus, so 2012 good or bad ??let me hear ya SCCCCCCCcccccccccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm

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2012 wuz shitty for horror. Except my life and election year in the U.S. . . . . . oh the HORROR ! ! BUT. . . . . a fairly SHIT year for movies. No LORDS OF SALEM as promised, no nothing. Even if anyone liked PROMETHEUS, it was a LETDOWN to the great horror concept that is ALIEN. I never saw CABIN IN THE WOODS so unless someone thinks THAT was the katz pj's it doesnt leave much else. I thought THE COLLECTION was the best pick but there wasnt much of a competition, was there. You would think after the high ratings of THE WALKING DEAD, studios would try for better written, good horror but NOOOOOOOOO. Fookers. . . . . .



. . . . btw, you made good points of the similarities of COLLECTION to SAW and some others. BUT. . . . . a cheeseburger to the starving is like filet mignon WITH the truffle/hollandaise sauce, lmao. I enjoyed it.

. . . . but I LIKE cheeseyburgers. . . . . . .


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a cheezy turtle there at the bottom ,, !!tasty


I thought i might of missed, something, it seems like 2013 should start off withs some good flicks,

lords of salem

evil dead

texas 3d


last will and testament of rosalind liegh

Millennium bug

torture chamber


just got to keep peeled for some goodies, for sure 2012 was a pretty piss poor year for horror, so i cant imagine 2013 being anyworse , so I'm happy theres so goodness coming !, oh and of course another shed load of remakes ,without doubt lol



The few quick clips of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW . . Looked pretty good ! I see him and the chainsaw romping through a populated campsite. . . . . . oh the mayhem. . . . . . . heeheehee. . . . . .


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The only good ones that I can say that I liked in 2012 were:

1,Silent Hill: Revelation

2,Resident Evil: Retribution

3,Prometheus(Was OK)

4,Underworld: Awakening(Was OK)

5,The Grey

These were the only ones that I enjoyed. 2013 looks like it has more to offer,lets hope so. I have not seen Cabin in the woods yet,it just don't seem to grab my attention as of yet,maybe later.


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