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Member Blog Post

HorrorMansion Update


Hey up peeps, am just dropping in with a little update on how the mansion is doing, so far all us fear regulars have regrouped quite nicely over there and its buisness as usual sadly we are still missing some of the old fearnet gang but we have tried our hardest to contact everyone so if any of the old gang read this get your ass over there!

The biggest change we made recently was to set the site to private so only members can take part and view the place and we have made the group age restricted to over 18's only to ensure we have a mature group.

Once again here is the link to the Mansion: 

Please follow the link and take a look round and don't forget to introduce yourself I think you will be plesantly surprised by how many people you will already know over there and how cool all the people are who have found there way there from other places.

Anywayz hope everyone had a kick ass Christmas and new year and I will see ya round Fear or the Mansion!