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Gift Guide: Crocheted 'Exorcist' Playset


Nothing says "home-made" gift like crocheted projectile vomit.

Sometimes I get down on crafting. How many tea cozies can one world possibly need? But then I see something like this fully crocheted scene from The Exorcist and it renews my faith in handicrafts. The hand-spun set shows a crocheted Regan sitting on top of her bed, projectile vomiting onto a stunned Father Merrin. It’s frightening how detailed this is, Regan’s face is covered with cuts and Father Merrin looks appropriately disturbed.

More details below, each one is made to order.

Regan sits about 7" tall, Merrin stands at around 9" tall. The two figures are connected by the puke stream, but Regan can be moved from the bed. Bed measures about 7"H x 7.5"L x 6"W and is made from balsa and bass wood, stained, then completed with a crocheted mattress, pillow, and tiny quilt.

Crocheted Exorcist Playset

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