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its gud 2hear from u,i dont really come on here that often ne more,but 1nce they get this site back 2normal i shall b on here more often,im workin as normal over the week end so nothin really changes!!,i havent really seen ne new films well not horror 1s ne way!! apart from that im still keepin up with my 1nce upon a time an revenge,oh anova show ive been gettin in2 is csi miami!!!,just sum old eppys as the season its on its last 1 eva over here!!,i wud try an post u sum pics but im havein so much trouble with them at the like ahhhhhhh!! lv shona x

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hiya! this is the link to dakotamoon's & my new horror group, its still early days but a few fearnet regulars like hellfighter have made it over already & things are going pretty good to say we are just 3 days in! forget the link to that other site, its full of kids & started pissing me off pretty quick! cya laterz!

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Hi Love

Well I have terrible news to tell you!! Sammy is gone..... I had to have him put to sleep on Tuesday August 7,2012 at 9:10 AM he took a turn for the worse. My heart is broken,and I miss him so badly!! I keep looking for him in the house when I come home. I wait for him to come crawling up on me to lay on my shoulder like he does when I'm on the computer,but no more. My B-day is the 10th,some B-day my baby boy is gone!! I had him for 11 years. Things just started going wrong and he could not handle all that was happening to him.I could not let him suffer.So I think of him as being in Kitty heaven to help ease my mind. The vet place made me a paw print in clay.All I have to do is bake it and I will have it forever! Plus I have pictures and video of him.Give Sammy's mate Theo a big hug and kiss for him and I and take good care of him.I have to go for know,I will talk to you later..

                       XOXO   Roger         RIP  Sammy

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Thank you my friend for your kind words. I got to the point where I didn't want to come home.The house was so empty and lonely!! On my b-day all I did was sleep,I didn't want to do any thing,or see anyone,nothing.but then the next day I woke up and I went to the animal shelter and got me 2 female kittens ZIA is black and Gracie is a smoky gray. I just love them so much. They have brought so much happiness and joy back into my life. Its really something to see!!My 2 little girls. There spaded,which is good. They just play and play. Zia has been coming in and getting up on my bed and giving me kisses on the nose around 5PM waking me up then sticking her head in my ear purring away,LOL I wish she would wait until later,LOL I still miss Sammy Of Coarse and always will,but these little ones needed me now to save them and I did,and now they will be safe and have a loving home!! TTYL. Will send Pic when I can!! Take care,and thanks again love!!!   Roger....xoxoxo

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lots of us have gone here. Its more fun and has private message as well. would love it if u would come join us!!! TTYS!!!      Roger   xoxoxo

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im sorry that i havent been in contact 4a while but i really dont come on here much ne more,i dont c the point ne more as its crap really,u cant do nething,or add ne thing,an its doing my head in!!!,im still workin,been really busy lately what with the kids being off on there 6wks hols,but thankfully they go back next week,i have got netflix on my lap top so i have been watchin a gud few movies on there,an bit lost what do do now as my fave show o.u.a.t has ended!!,an revenge is ending soon but thankfully i have gotten in2 a new show that started over here the ova week called person of interest,an its really gud,idk if uve heard of it??,i wud posted u sum pics of it,but im havein a few probs with that!!!! love shona x x x

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Hello  Breezie

Hope your doing fine drope me a private line when you get a chance,How is Theo doing???


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