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Hi everyone! Since we're all big horror fans, I thought I would pass along information on MCKAMEY MANOR...the world's most EXTREME and INTERACTIVE Haunted Attraction. This is like anything you've ever seen. This YEAR-ROUND haunt is like "Living Your Own Horror Movie". The tour takes (2 Hours) to complete and it's rough, but it's also a total blast. We have been featured on Fearnet in the past as one of the scariest haunts in America. Last year we were on the Travel Channel's "Making Monsters" and Halloween Craziest". This experience is NO JOKE, and it's by reservation only. Check out the short Teaser Trailer and other videos/pictures at If anyone has any questions...just let me know! I can promise you that most people will quit within the first 20 mins. It's truly is a terrifying (but fun),  experience. Just watch the exit interviews and read what the LA TIMES had to say about us. Hope to see you here!


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