Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

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I'm talking about the originals, not the remakes. Which do you prefer? Personally, I prefer Halloween. 

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haha. I meant Michael. Not Jason. It's early.

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Nightmare on Elm Street, Blades down.

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I really prefer Halloween. I think they were the superior films. After the 3rd Nightmare film, it kind of went downhill. With Halloween, there were so many films to enjoy, even if the last half of the franchise wasn't as good. I even love Halloween 3 and it has nothing to do with Michael Myers. 

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Halloween!  Without a doubt, Jason trumps Freddie. 

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I love them both but i do not like the 2010 reake of Nigtmare he was a child murder not a child molester. Also Robert England wasnt to old to continue through his freddy kruger role not this new guy who jumpe in.

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This is a no brainer...N.M.O.E.S. this is the only franchise that has ANY plausible outcome and general plot...As proven in A new Nightmare...Freddy is the only Horror movies still watchable after years of being on the shelves that no matter how much you watch them, they still have a chilling effect on a person because it is so plausible...Everyone recognizes this even if it may be subconsciously...

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I absolutely LOVE both... as a kid, I'd of chosen Nightmare first, but nowadays I lean more towards Halloween. Grew up watching both. :)

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Nightmare On Elm Street!

Though both were great & came out at the same time I was born, if I had to choice it would be Nightmare On Elm Street! My reason is, it was easy to follow the storyline between sequels unlike Halloween!

Halloween was all over the place between sequels & near the end, didnt make much sense! Like the Season Of The Witch, what was that all about? Didnt even belong in the storyline! It was a movie within itself!

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i say the old night mare is the best and freddy all the way jason and michle are grate but freddy with alwes be better

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Halloween hands down my favorite


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