Your latest horror purchase?

Your latest horror purchase?

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Before the season ends I pre-ordered the new Walking Dead posters  (walking dead is by far the greatest thing to ever happen to tv!!! imo) and Im waiting on a friday the 13th poster t-shirt from a local vendor. one of the classics, of course.

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the last horror item i prchuset was a freddy set including mask shirt hat clove blood packs and movies 1-8


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I went to a pawn shop the other day and had a hayday in the movie section: Poltergeist, Pet Sematary, Paranormal Activity (I know, I know), Hide and Seek, and Dead Silence. I also bought some books recently: Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Classics! I have my sights set on A Clockwork Orange next, both the movie and the book.


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I bought Shout Factory's Alien Opponent with high expectations.  It was charming, bloody, kind of like a road runner cartoon.


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The movie Smiley it wasn't at all scary and a complete waste of time

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I got a commission art piece of Baby Firefly from The Devil's Rejects.

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Last purchases:

A VHS of Devil Doll

An Evil Ernie action figure

Blu-rays of Phantasm 2, Candyman, & Mr. Sardonicus/Brotherhood of Evil split disc

DVD's of The Hanging Woman, Evil Laugh, Tales From The Darkside: Season 1

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Recently, I have bought

'The Cottage' and 'Possession'


Cupertino Karate

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Appropriate Adult. 

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I saved up money to buy the walking dead season 2, i know its been out for awhile but, textbooks cost two arms, and not trying to sound cheap like but holy bunnies 40 bucks for a tv show...

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I picked this up on DVD


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