Charles Band & Full Moon Features

Charles Band & Full Moon Features

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I'm a big fan of the Charles Band/Full Moon B-Horror films.  Troll, Re-Animator, Puppet Master, Ghoulies, etc.  I checked out his new zombie movie Zombies Vs. Strippers from Redbox and was pleasantly surprised...very entertaining.  Has anyone seen it yet?  I mean,  you know what you're getting with this type of film but they really went all out. The lead man reminded me of a slightly younger Bruce Campbell and did a great job.  It was basically the poor man's Bruce Campbell owns a strip club and zombies attack! There was even a zombie lap dance scene! It was unique, haven't seen that before. I looked it up and it's coming to cable August 7th...gonna be on demand. Think I'll check it out again. Anyway, just wanted to see if others had seen it and what they thought. 

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Eve Mauro was so hot in that film.  I feel like I've seen the zombies/stripper thing done countless times before... but it never gets old haha.  

Very different feel to this film as compared to the rest of the Full Moon flicks, excited to see what they pump out next.

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Check out Crash! One of Charles Band's movies from the late 70s if you can find it. A bit cheesy but overall pretty disturbing!

I wish "Crash!" was on DVD! I'd love to have a copy. One of several obscure horror films I remember as a kid. It was on HBO a few times back in the day.


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