Horror pic association game!

Horror pic association game!

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i am hoping we all know how upload pictures on here, or even gifs,,?? if u cant then u will probably struggle to play this very simple game,

I will post a pic/gif of any scene,icon, director, actor,object of horror, and u must then post any pic/gif or horror which is directly/ somewhat/ loosely related to it , and so on , remember to follow on from the last association pic lol
If how evr we get into a case of argument for whatever reason, the poster must explain his assocation, and is FINAL ,,,lol,,, so really its a piece of piss, fookin monkey could handle this lol

So for example

i post up

so then i am thinking werewolf,as jack nicholson in WOLF, so i am going to post an american werwolf pic ,cause of relationship with our furry fellows !

u see its as random and creative as u want it to be, i could of then taken it to UNDERWORLD, or JOHN LANDIS so enough with bullshit lets get it ON!!

so for real I WILL START WITH

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I'm somewhat ashamed to say I just saw this for the first time yesterday..


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