Evil Dead Remake (May Contain Spoilers)

Evil Dead Remake (May Contain Spoilers)

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So Evil Dead saw it last night, Thought it was amazing.  Best remake i have ever seen since Pirhanna 3D and the most intense film expirence i have had in a long time. Scary.....NO the most terrifying film you will ever expirence NO but the most intense fun adrenaline filled film in a long time ? HELL YES. and i am so surprised cause here is a movie that's a remake of an 80's horror classic directed by a first time director.......EVERYTHING WAS GOING AGAINST IT. Oh, you a horror fan and went to film school here go remake Evil Dead 0_0......but it turned out great, i am going for round 2 Tuesday.

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i was hoping u had seen it by now mate m and to give us your lowdown with a showdown!! .44 magnum style

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It was a great addition to the franchise and great way to kick start it back up after  30 years since the original. Don't under stand why people have been complaining about it and those who do are the ones who claim to be TRUE evil dead fans < that's what I see in almost every negative post about the new movie. If they were true fans they would keep up with what's going with the franchise. With Sam Raimi announcing he'll be working on a script for Army Of Darkness 2 and with Fede Alvarez < the new director announcing that eventually by Evil Dead 3 in the new trilogy that the Ash character and the Mia character will ultimately meet and fight the evil in the final evil dead. Fans should be overwhelmed!!! This is what we've been waiting for!!! I can't wait to see what comes our way.

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Yeah, another complaint that i ve heard alot is oh, it was funny I am like the first one didn't try to be funny. It wasn't till Evil Dead 2 that it went down the satire route.

I can't wait to get the Unrated cut on blu ray in August, at least that's what people speculate it will be out in the U.S

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I love the evil dead!!!!!

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For me what was great about the remake was it wasn't an exact copy even down to the character names, gave serveral reason these kids would come all the way out to BFE, made the book an actual character, gave us a sense of how the evil began, more blood, and did the unthinkable with this remake's "Ash"!! 


 DID enjoy it ! True creepy horror without spoof or satire. The new crew, relative unknowns, did a great acting job. Nice work with the backstory presentation and the effort was polished. I DID find the story line, while NOT a shot for shot remake, followed the original plot pretty exact. Giving little twists and tweaks that I thought strengthened the plot and story line and explained their presence. I enjoyed the one twist with the survivor which I wont spoil. I get the feeling that this is a flick that needs to be seen twice to appreciate some of the nuances and characters. The flick feels familiar but is an excellent horror.

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had high hopes for this, was right up for it, even went to the extent of pre booking the tickets such was the scale of this movie!, it was every where i went 'the best horror in fookin ages'!!!, exhilirating, breathe of blood air!!<,,, yea yea yea!!!

So i watched it and about half way hrough i thought to myself this is fookin sheet,, i could not believe how tame this movie was, ok there was a lot of blood and some cutting going on and some body severence but yeah so what, !, liked the way theyripped off the exorcist , with reg ards to the pretty boy, she saying ' hey pretty boy come down here and i will suck your cock!', and to the phrase let me lick your c$%T'!!,

and what about the ending, i mean raining blood fook off, and that bird poppin up out the ground, this film was a ripoff total let down , and i fear there is much more of this sheet to come, to all you evildead lovers , fook off!!!LOL jokes , nah whatever floats yer boat, but this sucked big time!sorry!

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I loved the movie. But cant spoil it for those that didnt see it. Wish it would have retained the original ending though.

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it was creepy shit,


It felt like the same road traveled again. I just liked that they removed the zany behavior from Campbell (yes. . . . . beloved though he might be) but it had to be fun for first timers who never saw the original.I think the flick is excellent. Just nothing new.


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