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thanks Anthony..I have been here a couple of times and stayed after rejoining some years ago..this is a great site..I have always tried to be a good community member and help new members when I could..a lot of the long time members haven't been around since the new format here took own self included..I guess it's the "old dogs & new tricks type of thing"..but I hope you keep coming back and enjoy the Feanet experience like myself and hundreds of other have..and remember.."to each their own" as always ...  Peace


BIG JOE ! ! ! ! ! ! How the hell are you brother !! G R E A T to hear from you my friend ! I still pop in here. I keep trying to get the fires going but its not the same old crew. No vim and vigor but I keep trying. That sounds like great news on the health front bruh ! Hows the little woman ? Say hey to Cee for me! Whats going on otherwise bud ?

Im still at the compound for the forgotten, lol. I DO finish school shortly and applying for work so I am hoping to get on my feet soon. LOVE Arizona ! Drop me a line and let me know whats up ! Miss you big man ! Shit, miss the old FEARnet too.

BTW, went to the Phoenix Film Fest and met the boss of FEARnet who also happens to be a successful producer (SAW, RAMBO etc.) He was a great guy and FEARnet comped me tkts to the event and took good care of me. They really ARE GREAT guys and gals.

Anywho, keep on swinging big guy. LOVE ya brother.


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