50 Greatest Mondo Horror Posters - Part 1


The Alamo Drafthouse's fine arts arm, Mondo Gallery, has quickly become the pinnacle of pop art. Its posters are limited-editions that are snapped up fiercely by collectors when they are announced and can resell for hundreds of dollars. The posters are often considered modern masterpieces and introduced the era of posters as fine art. 

Out of hundreds of amazing posters produced for Mondo in the last 15 years, I have been tasked with choosing my 25 favorite horror posters. I couldn't narrow it down, and ended up with 50 on my list (and this was after cutting 25 and disregarding non-genre films) - but as a compromise, I have split it into two lists of 25. And because I had a hard enough time narrowing down the list, these are not in any sort of order, except by year (2008-2010).