Friday the 13th for the NES!!!

Friday the 13th for the NES!!!

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I still own this game. I liked how it was done. Funny but Jason would scar the heck out of me. I never beat it have you? It would be sweet if they made a new one or a idea of something like Resident Evil 4 but with having the guns. They would tie all great horror icons into the story.

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i remember renting it was i was much younger but i dont think i knew what to do i dont think i had even seen any friday movies yet but i still had fun playing it just wish i could play it again emulaters i know you have to download them but wheres a good site for them?

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I had this game, I remember making fun of the fact that there was like ten million zombies in the game and the characters looked like gingerbread men. Once I finally found out how to get the torch early on in the game Jason got Pwned every time I saw his goofy ass. I also loved how the houses never had furniture.

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i truly gotta get my game-on missin out on alot i see

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Lol Beware the Floating head of doom!!! I had the game and man was it hard to beat especially Jason's mom's head.

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Before playing that I did'nt know a disembodied head could attack someone.


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