Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

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Ever since Westworld I have been enthralled by flicks that put two opposing forces against each other. Good v. Evil, Cop v. Robber, etc. There were alot of lunch room table conversations revolving around "Who would win in a fight". Freddy v. Jason actually, sort of answered this question. I think that it wasn't that bad of a movie overall. Freddy's one liners were definitely in rare form. Because this did so well, the idea was kicked around that maybe they want to add other fan favorites to the Battle Royale.

Enter Ash, everyone's favorite wise-cracking anti-hero. Maybe anti-hero is a strong word, but he's definitely no Lone Ranger.

So ya love Freddy, Jason and Ash, but should they all meet up and square off? Isn't this just another type of sequel where instead of having to have a higher body count or cooler deaths you have to sneak in as many baddies as possible?

While I'm very tempted by the idea of seein Bruce Campbell strap on the chainsaw again, I've got to pass on the idea. The problem that you're gonna run into is the same one that three Batman movies screwed themself over. No, not latex nipple suits. Trying to fit too much character development into two hours and give enough screen time to all involved. Granted, since all have been in previous movies there is the possibility that you could short change one or two of them. However, you still have to set up the scenario of how they all meet (unless Jason is still toting Freddy's head) and give time for a little plot to be developed outside of the melee. I think that two adverseries is good, but three is too much.

Your thoughts?

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why even bother

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I have read some interviews with Bruce and Sam Raimi and from what I've read, this isn't going to happen. I read that they WERE contacted about it, but that they wouldn't allow them to use the ASH character since they are still supposedly making Evil Dead IV (Army of Darkness II) or whatever and that they didn't want the character to be involved with something like that before going on to the 4th installment of ED. So I hear that this idea has pretty much been scratched, but that there was a possibility of making it into a Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers instead.

As a whole though, I agree, two isn't bad, but three would be tough to pull off. You'd have to band together a boat load of teenagers just to make sure that the three of them had enough people to kill before they got to each other.

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Not happening....and thank god!

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Plot idea: Freddy v. Jason v. Mike DisneyWorld! That would be more than enough cannor fodder for a rampage. Too many heart attacks and not enough eviscerations around that place...

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I too have to agree. Even though Ash would kick everyone's ass (sorry Freddy, I love you but Ash is cooler). I can't believe that they are doing another Evil Dead. This is sooo cool.

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i dont think its going to happen if it does i dont think theyll add anyone to it but maybe instead of freddy vs jason they should do a jason vs micheal seeing how freddy lost the fight

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I think that Freddy, Michael and Jason should go at it and put Ash right in the middle, that'd make a good movie

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I too have to agree. Even though Ash would kick everyone's ass (sorry Freddy, I love you but Ash is cooler). I can't believe that they are doing another Evil Dead. This is sooo cool.

Well, I don't know if they will actually ever make ED 4 or not. That was there excuse for not allowing them to use the Ash character. Supposedly they have talked about doing it, but it won't be until Spiderman 3 is dead and gone and the Evil Dead remake is made. They are definitely making an Evil Dead remake, but it will have all new people involved. Sam Raimi is funding it, but they are picking a new director and it will have none of the original actors in it. After that is done, or at least in the works, they are SUPPOSEDLY going to start looking at making ED4. ED4 would have Bruce Campbell and all the usual players. That is alot of waiting though, so I'm wondering if it will ever happen at all. Just have to settle for "My name is Bruce" right now.

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