How do you want to die?

How do you want to die?

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We are all going to die eventually. How would you want to die?

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Die By Chey's own bare hands lol

Thanks House! You rock!

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get struck by a lighting bolt that came through the bedroom window on my 89th. birthday while im lying in bed next to a marisa tomei looka like on one side and a selma hyaek looka like on the other side

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quick id have to say, with alot of headlines!! Or at the very least taking some of the people i dislike the most with me! Gunshot is ok with me!

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Like that guy in the movie "Dr Strange Love" sitting on a bomb as it's falling toward the earth. Yeee Haaa.

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I guess I can only say that I wanna die quickly. I also have a huge fear of my death being by drowning.

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Peacefully and painless.

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EYES WIDE OPEN, ON MY FEET, GUN IN ONE HAND, BLADE ON THE OTHER, FIGHTING TIL MY LAST BREATH. Hopefully for a good reason, like saving someone I loved.

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while protecting a loved one

Good answer! Me too.

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while protecting a loved one

Who could disagree with that one? I have an 11 month old daughter and a four year old son.


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being constipated to the point where i blow up from not being able to go


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