Horror Vs. Horror

Horror Vs. Horror

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I just saw a movie poster for Michael Myers Vs. Jason and I was wondering who you would think would win?

I had the upleasantness of watching Freddy Vs. Jason and thought that movie was stupid because Jason is a physical threat and Freddy is more of a dreamstate but I am hoping Michael Vs. Jason turns out much better but I am rooting for Michael.

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I have watch many many horror films over the years, including the Friday the 13th films and the Halloween films. To be truthful with you younger people out there, neither Jason or Micheal coulld survive a fight with the likes of the orginal stars of horror films, Wolfman, Frankenstien or Dracula. Granted Jason and Mike Meyers seemed like they could not be killed, but let's face it the orginal monsters of the horror films were to put it simply, immortal and that is hard to beat.

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One word sums all this up: Jason


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