Chucky vs Leperchaun

Chucky vs Leperchaun

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Well SINCE THESE TYPES of threads seem to be popular I thought I would ask...Who do you think would win in a fight?

Me I'm goin to have to say Chucky, I don't mind Leperchaun I just like Chucky more..I think he would win in a fight, not as witty as Leperchaun when it comes to tricks but he knows a thing or two when it comes to killing? Lets just hope the old wife Tiff doesn't get in the way..Hell theres an adavantage to Chuck winning hes got a wife and kid on his side now, even if Glenn/Glenda swore not to kill, you piss that little sucker off and you're done for..So sorry Leppy old boy but your screwed!!

Now it's your guys' turns..

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Chucky would steel the Leperchaun's gold & beat he's ass

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leperchaun would do the irish jig all over chuckys ass!

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chucky would have to laydown the beatdown.

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Chucky would win !!!

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leprechaun ,chuckys cool but no power.

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ok now people pay atetion in how many movies did chucky die. all of them. how many movies did the leprecon die.i think none i have yet to c any of them but 4.

so leprecon sorry chucky

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LOL...In my version of the movie, they kill each other and neither one ever gets to make another movie. Those have to be my 2 least favorite characters in all of horror.

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LOL ... I am going to say it is a draw... It is a power struggle between two LITTLE men... They both fight to the end, they find the puzzle box from Hellraiser and Pinhead puts hooks and chains through them both!!!! And then the unthinkable happens... The become the new Cenobite ChuckyChaun... Stupid I know, but funny to me... I don't like the Leprachaun and Chucky is ok, but has been played out!!!

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