Local Horror made for the Big screen

Local Horror made for the Big screen

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In my area we have a park on the outskirt of town we call gretchons lock. Home to 3 ghosts possibly 4. A lost bride, A town guard struck by lighting, and a young girl that fell ill, died and then buried in the walls of a lock. The fourth I heard was a young boy who hung himself in a barn which is there. The bride wonders the bridges that you have to cross to get to the park. The guard carries his lantern throughout the park. I've seen the light from the guard. The young girl Gretchon still roams the long path that leads through thick forrest to her lock.

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This my favorite place to visit especially with new people. As soon as they see the park which use to be an old 19th century town they get chills and are freaked. Great ghost hunting grounds. I also started writing a script for a movie, but not your average ghost film.

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What does everybody live in boring towns? No storys good enough for movies?

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Let me know when your script is ready, I'd like to review. Don't worry I have my own ideas, but I am keeping an eye out for stories to direct and produce. I've had a few ghost stories tossed my way but so far they didn't have that certain "thing" to get me excited about shooting it.

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I live in one the the most haunted cities in America. It's been a proven fact that Pittsburgh, PA is extremely haunted. Other than your murders, suicides, and other acts of violence, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives here throughout the years.

The French and Indian War was fought through here including one of the biggest and bloodiest battles, leaving behind hundreds dead, and Indian burial grounds all around. Pittsburgh is "the city of bridges", causing hundreds of deaths durring the building of the bridges. Also, hundreds lost their lives building the railroads that run the full length of the Ohio River, and is said that the whole railroad are is haunted. At one time, Pittsburgh was home to "The Most Haunted House in America" until a mysterious gas explosion destroyed it. There are also TONS of centuries old cemeteries. Pittsburgh was also spotlighted on "The World's Most Scariest Places" with the Dixmont Mental Istitution, which is only 10 minutes from my house. Not to mention all the other reported cases of haunted houses (including my own, where at one time a priest owned the house and would lock himself in the attic and perform "unnatural" rituals. The alter is still there. I take a pic of it.) To top it off, back in the 1800's, Pittsburgh was a VERY IMPORTANT city for trade because of the location and the three rivers meet. It was a HUGE trading town, and it burnt to the ground. They rebuilt immediately, building overtop of alot of the undiscovered bodies.

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I'm from Pittsburgh too! Love our haunted town.

Also, I went to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe a little south east of Pittsburgh. It has quite a history and because of the Archabby and Monestary is surrounded by a cemetary. There are many ghost stories of monks that roam the cemetary there and I myself (completely sober) saw some unexplained figures, on more than one occasion, walking the last row of graves that could be seen from my dorm room. Some kids showed this video tape of a weeping Virgin Mary tombstone. But I found that highly suspect. Even with the occasional college hoax, I truly belive that the St. Vincent Cemetary and grounds are haunted.

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