Has anyone made their own horror movie?

Has anyone made their own horror movie?

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I have a used a cross-between Hellraiser and Friday the thirteenth. I was just curious if anyone else has tried to make one.

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i always have wanted to....just i kinda need ppl to help out and i have brought it up to my friends and they just gave me a weird look.....assholes lol

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no matter how your friend's may see this adventure...it will be fun

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I always wanted to make my own slasher type thing where I played one of the stoners that becomes fodder for the crazy killer. I even had this scene in my head where as I'm stoned I come up with a survival plan for the entire group of kids to get away from the killer. Only it's using the cliches from standard horror, it was a kind of parody. But it was probably only funny to me.

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I made a little thing called "Trick or Rotten Meat" but no one has ever seen it. lol

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I created a mythology about the guy who was the first owner of my family's summer house. He was a sea captain, and I made him a bloodthirsty murderer (you know the type). The guy did exist, but I doubt he ever did anything wrong in his life. But like "Blair Witch" after doing a couple of 8mm movies there were people on Eastern Long Island who believed in the legend. Kinda fun!!!

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Sounds like you had a great time doing the movie.

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Me and a my friend have formed a little studio and are currently working on a script for an indie horror flick that should be alot of fun. It's going to lean more towards the psychological thriller but it will have it's share of creative gore scenes to keep all you gorehounds satiated. Hoping to start setting things up sometime next spring money and time providing.

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In the proccess, a slasher movie with zombies.

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no but that would be kinda wierd to bring up to yuor friends "yea let me swing a knife at you while someone records " come on dont you think

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thay probably be scared of you


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