what do u tell ur children wat holoween is when they ask

what do u tell ur children wat holoween is when they ask

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tell me wat u would tell them

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I'd tell my kids the history of Halloween. How could that be difficult??

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I told him the truth, that Halloween is a holiday started by the CRAPolic church to convert pagans , from their much more fun and festive beginings in the original"SIN" fests of Beltane and Samhain. I say we bring back the ritual sacrifice....and start with the POPE!

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The only reason why I even want kids is so I can dress them up all spooky-like and take them out to trick-or-treat! I loved it so much as a kid! I'd take them to all the fun stuff like haunted houses and things like that too, just so they know that Halloween is all about the fun stuff, and so they'd form an appreciation for it, like me. When they got older, I'd bring them to Salem, MA for their big Halloween shabang!! For those who have not gone, sooo much fun, let me tell you!! If they ever asked what Halloween was, I'd tell them that it's an old holiday, created when people thought spirits roamed the earth on one particular night of the year, and that civilians disguised themselves to trick the spirits... or something along those lines.

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actually my daughter is only 5 months old so I can't really explain it to her yet..but my mother used to bust our ass and tell us kids that the boogieman was gonna get us..how cruel right..lol

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i told my kids that it was the one and only night they can go out and rise hell and get away with it and for the past 17 yrs it has back fired on me i get calls all night on how wonderful my kids were

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it's the most wonderful time, of the year!

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I told my son it's truthfull history. A response to celebrate the dead in response to the English holiday all-hollowed day. Seems the colonists were as twisted in rebellian as the voices that drive me in my mind..

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I tell my kids that on that very night, the dead walk among us and they cannot, I repeat, cannot tell the difference because everyone is in costume.

I don't have any children but I tell my younger cousins the same thing.

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I tell them that, it's the one night of the year that KILLER MUTANT MIDGETS walk the earth in search of candy to steal!

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I would simply sit my children down and tell them that Halloween is the one time a year when daddy can brutally murder somebody and hang the corpse on the tree in the front lawn and say that it's just a decoration...

then I would suggest we go make jacko-lanterns out of human heads!

... too much?


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