House of 1000 Corpses or Devils Rejects

House of 1000 Corpses or Devils Rejects

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To me they were a big let down

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rejects was the better of the two if you watch rejects before corpses you'll see what i'm sayin

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i have to say Rejects was better

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both were good movies, i liked house of 1000 corpses b/c it had that comic book feel, but with the devils rejects it was allot more brutal...but i wish the grandpa was in the rejects...any of them was better than his remake of halloween

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The Devil's rejects by far!!!!!

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I really enjoyed them both. I felt that House of 1,000 Corpses was rather original in a very visual disturbing take on our preoccupation with serial killers. Very stylish and a unique vision of Rob Zombie's - I was really impressed.

The Devil's Rejects really took a good idea to the next level. They really pushed the envelope with audience tolerance of how far they can go in making us uncomfortable and how justice was served by a psychotic sheriff bent on revenge.

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the devil's rejects is one of my favorites. you find yourself growing fond of the fireflies, and then you come to realize just how sick you must be to be fond of such a sick, sadistic family.

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Took me long enough to respond, but Devil's Rejects was much more raw and unsettling. Although, Ho1000C has many classic lines to it.

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georgeann what the hell are you talking about they were both good. Rob zombie is like the ultimate horror director. can't wait for halloween 2 to come out :D


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