Water Horror!!

Water Horror!!

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Jaws I, a classic for all times, thank god for pools!!!

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Definately Leviathan and Deep Rising. Also Anaconda (?), The Fog

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Okay "The Crazies" for sure, tainted water supply!! George A. Romero classic horror! And how about "Piranha", extreme Jaws rip-off but a campy one at that, Roger Corman all the way? "Shockwaves" well the Nazi Zombies come up from the ocean. Also, "Necromonicon", the first chapter by the french director is about water monsters. Oh, "Dagon", Lovecraft water monsters again. "Deepstar Six", that's a decent water monster movie. And you can't forget all the "big shark, megalodon" direct to dvd movies as well as the "Loch Ness" direct to dvd stuff as well. "Ghost Story" had the car in the water with the lady ghost in it. Does the count?


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with out a doubt JAWS is the best water horror.i grew up in philly only an hour or so from the jersey shore and ever since the first time i saw this movie i couldn't go deeper than my shins.now i live on south west florida's gulf coast and i STILL won't go deeper than my shins and i won't let my kids go that deep either

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The Ring, Friday The 13th, Jaws, Open Water

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not my taste!!

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Definately NOT Dark Water...

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Jaws definatley, The Abyss as well.

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Someday, I wanna be a lil old lady who feeds cows to a giant creature living in the water near my home ROFL

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Ghost Ship


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