Rob Galluzzo

10/17/2012 - 3:20pm
In a quarantined building, a doctor and a SWAT team try to get a blood sample from an infected girl to develop an antidote. Unknown to them, three teens and a fireman sneak in to rescue a friend. And, a mob of hungry zombies
10/17/2012 - 3:15pm
Discovering a deadly presence in an apartment building, armed troops trap a local news crew inside. Their camera is running, but the videotape may be the only thing that survives.
10/17/2012 - 3:11pm
When a horrific disease infected an LA tenement, no one got out alive. But the virus escaped, to attack passengers on Flight 318. Now, with their plane locked down, the survivors are forced to battle the infected on their
10/17/2012 - 3:02pm
A news crew and firemen are trapped in an apartment complex sealed off by the Feds. With no way out, they're surrounded by frightened residents infected with a deadly mutant virus. What happens next is only known because
10/17/2012 - 2:57pm
An overstressed suburbanite and his paramilitaric neighbor struggle to prove their paranoid theory that the new family in town is a front for a cannibalistic cult.
10/17/2012 - 2:52pm
Back home from military school, Michael finds that his mom is engaged to her charming live-in boyfriend. But when Michael delves deeper into her boyfriend's past, he discovers that mom is about to marry a serial killer.
10/17/2012 - 2:38pm
Even knowing her unborn child is dead, a disturbed young woman insists on carrying the baby to term. But, following the delivery, the child miraculously returns to life. The bad news, the infant is born with a ravenous
10/17/2012 - 2:32pm
In the woods of upstate New York, the Poes live a Norman Rockwell life. Perfect house. Perfect marriage. If only the children would stop stapling frogs to trees. A family's descent into darkness told through
10/17/2012 - 2:16pm
The closest this reclusive telemarketer has to a friend is his boss - until he meets a new co-worker. Now, his life is improving - until disturbing "voices" from the man's haunted past threaten to lead him down
10/17/2012 - 2:13pm
Genetic engineers hope to achieve fame and fortune, splicing together DNA from various animals to create hybrid creatures for medical use. But, when they add human DNA to the mix, no one is safe from the monster they've