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Gift Guide: ‘Burnt Offerings' by Robert Marasco


Those who only know the late Robert Marasco's 1973 novel Burnt Offerings via its Dan Curtis-directed film adaptation (starring Oliver Reed and Karen Black) are hereby instructed to seek out and read this ghost tale, now available in a gorgeously designed clothbound and, compared to most collector's editions, reasonably priced volume from Centipede Press. Limited to only 150 copies and signed by both William F. Nolan (who scripted the movie and here contributes a thoughtful afterword) and J.K. Potter (the crowned prince of fantasy photography, who's created two new illustrations) this is the perfect horror story for the home owner in your life. No less a writer than Stephen King has (in Horror: 100 Best Books) called Burnt Offerings a close runner-up to Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House as the best haunted house novel, and a smart allegory about how the things we think we own very often wind up owning us; and when King's right, he's dead right... Amityville what?

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