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Gift Guide: Bloody Cleaver Handbag


Bloody Cleaver Handbag

It's often what women carry inside their purses that helps protect them from potential attackers, with things like a can of mace and perhaps even a switchblade providing a sense of comfort, out there in the cruel and dangerous world. But what if your purse itself could be your protection device? Now that's a pretty novel idea, eh?

Introducing the Bloody Cleaver Handbag, which allows you to carry around all your essentials while at the same time appearing as if you're one badass chick that's not to be messed with, walking the streets with a blood-covered butcher's cleaver in your hand. Not only will it turn heads, but you can also use it to cut them off, if need be. Now that's what I call multi-tasking.

This killer handbag features a zip coin pocket as well as a card pocket, and the interior is lined with red vinyl, decorated with skulls and other macabre imagery.

$32.99 from Think Geek

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