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Gift Guide: 'Blue Velvet' Blu-Ray


I'll never forget the first time I saw  David Lynch's Blue Velvet. After watching it in a friend's basement as a teenager, I felt dirty, almost violated, and yet strangely alive. Which is exactly how the film's protagonist -- a wide-eyed Kyle MacLachlan -- feels after he stumbles into the secret, deadly world of lounge singer Isabella Rossellini and her savage sexual tormenter played (jn an iconic performance that places him in the ranks of the screen's greatest madmen) by Dennis Hopper. Co-starring an eerie Dean Stockwell and a fresh-faced Laura Dern, the film has been described as "The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew go to hell." And with good reason. For in Blue Velvet, Lynch found perhaps the perfect vehicle with which to showcase his unique perspective on the dark underbelly of Americana. MGM's Blu-ray offers a solid enough image (especially considering the 1986 film stock), "newly rediscovered" lost footage, Siskel & Ebert's original review, and the Mysteries of Love documentary. All of which give this seminal masterpiece the treatment it deserves.

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