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Gift Guide: Haunting Holiday Scents and Sounds by Jill Tracy


Call it "Night Fragrance for Night Music." Multi-talented artist Jill Tracy is not only a celebrated singer-songwriter and composer of dark, sensual and otherworldly musicc, she has also entered the world of exotic fragrances. Together with master perfumer Emerson Hart of San Francisco's Nocturne Alchemy, Jill has designed a set of perfumes that share the same name name and theme as her recently-released album Silver Smoke, Star of Night, which she describes as “Christmas music for those who prefer the October chill.”

“Just like we create visuals to go with music, like album art and videos, I thought why not create a scent as a “conjuring companion” to music?” Jill told FEARnet. “That was the whole idea behind these perfumes—she describes on her blog as “My musical netherworld set to scent.”

Silver Smoke is a blend of Boswellia Carteri Frankincense Resin tears discovered in Egypt and Somalia and steam distilled into rich olibanum Frankincense perfume oil in San Francisco. Star of Night is derived from sweet and woody Arabic Myrrh and rich golden Egyptian Frankincense with a touch of Egyptian Black Linen. You can purchase a limited edition gift set containing both fragrance glass vials in a mesh bag with an autographed art card by Trista Musco. The package also includes a link to a free download of Silver Smoke, Star of Night.

$35 at Jill Tracy's official Bandcamp