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Gift Guide: 'Jaws' Bottle Opener


Jaws bottle opener

As our pal Quint learned - the hardest way imaginable - the mouth of a Great White shark doesn't exactly make for a nice place to hang out.  I don't think anyone will argue against that.  But when you are hanging out in a nice place, and you want to crack open a cold one, I can think of no better tool to use to pop that pesky bottle top off your Corona than the sharp teeth of a killer shark.... if only you could find one that would allow you to use its razor rows as a bottle opener.

Enter the folks over at Factory Entertainment, who have just launched their very first officially licensed Jaws collectible; the Jaws bottle opener, of course.  Forged out of stainless steel, the world's coolest bottle opener measures 6" long, and this particular version of Bruce promises to only eat your bottle caps - not your friends, family, or even your pets.  And you just know you can always trust a killer shark.

The Jaws bottle opener is now available for pre-order and is set to ship out at the tail end of this year - pun very much intended.

$24.99 at Factory Entertainment