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Gift Guide: 'The Walking Dead': The Complete First Season 3-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray


If you've been putting off buying Season 1 of The Walking Dead -- for yourself or that special zombie lover in your life -- now might be the time to suck it up. All six episodes are available in a deluxe special-edition Bu-ray package that's tailor-made for completists. In addition to the contents found on the season's previous DVD and Blu-ray release, this new 3-disc set offers such brand-new features as the show's pilot episode in black-and-white (a viewing option also offered on the Blu-ray release of writer-director-producer Frank Darabont's The Mist); audio commentaries on all six episodes; a feature on "KNB and the Art of Making Zombies"; a piece on "Adapting The Dead"; "Killers Conversations" with Frank Darabont and Greg Nictotero; and, perhaps best of all, a terrific new cover illustration from fan-favorite movie poster artist Drew Struzan. While it's sad to watch Darabont joyfully at work in the behind-scenes-footage knowing he was recently let go, it's hard to imagine a fan of the show wanting more out of its home video release.

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