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Gift Guide: Zombie Cupcakes


The only thing that can make cupcakes better is gore. Luckily zombies are here to help with that. There are two zombie cookbooks out there that give you delicious cupcake recipes in flavors that go beyond chocolate and vanilla, and decorating tips that make those cupcakes look... well, less than delicious.

Lily Vanilli's "A Zombie Ate My Cupcake" features 25 weird recipes including: anatomically-shaped heart cupcakes that "bleed;" bloody meringue bone cookies; tombstones; ghosts; crabs; fingers rising from the grave; and, while not scary, delightfully odd hamburger-looking cupcakes.

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Zilly Rosen's "Zombie Cupcakes" features 16 different recipes that stick closer to the undead motif: biohazard cupcakes (complete with toxic green icing); eyeballs; zombie moon; brains; and, of course, different takes on graveyards and zombies rising from the ground. The most unique - and most disgusting - recipe is the "Trick or Treat" cupcakes. Half are made with marshmallow centers; the other half are made with mashed potato centers.

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