Exclusive: Bai Ling on ‘Gauntlet' and ‘Confidant'


A movie premiere just isn't a movie premiere without Bai Ling...  At this week's red carpet  for The Black Waters of Echo's Pond I chatted with the ubiquitous actress about her two upcoming thrillers, The Gauntlet and The Confidant. Read what she had to say after the jump.

"Gauntlet was shot in China," she told me, "It's about six people who are lost, trapped underground, but they have to survive.  There's danger and they have lost their memory and they have to fight.  They become friends, but in the end they find out only one person has survived, so the test was to kill each other.  It's about human potential, human danger, what we are capable of, and how powerful we are. 

"My character is a gymnast.  She teaches people how to work out.  She drives a good car, from her father.  She's very wealthy.  She didn't have to do anything, but she drives a nice car, and she doesn't appreciate it. After she loses everything, she's basically like anybody else.  She doesn't have anything, she has to survive.  There's no upper class or lower class, we're just naked human beings.  She starts to discover what potential she has as a human being rather than what she has materially.  Then she starts to use this skill – to love, to give, to survive, to fight.   Everybody is dangerous, and she has this dangerous side too. 

Bai's other upcoming thriller is The Confidant.  "I play a man's role, a mafia gambler.  But they cast me because they want a woman that has power.  I also finished a film last night called Circle of Pain.  I play the CEO of this ultimate championship, these heavyweight fighters, brutal.  All these guys are controlled by me.  I own this big property, I dominate all of them.  She manipulates everybody.  This role was originally written for a white man.  But then the director said, 'I want something different.  I want someone confidant about who they are.  And being sexy, as a woman, that's powerful.'

"Circle of Pain we just finished.  It's aimed for January.  Gauntlet, I think we just finished post production.  It will come out in the beginning of next year."

As for Bai's greatest fear in real life, she says it's "not to be able to be myself.  I am who I am, like me or not."