Exclusive: Bill Moseley Talks ‘Maniacs' and Torture'


We caught up with actor Bill Moseley at the recent red-carpet premiere of Saw VI here in Los Angeles, and the fan-favorite horror star told us a little more about the upcoming 2001 Maniacs sequel Field of Screams (formerly Beverly Hellbillys) as well as two other thrillers – Torture and Dead Air.

"One of the reasons I came tonight," said Moseley, "was not only to support the Saw franchise, Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate, but also to find out find out from producer Carl Mazzocone what is up with Torture.  I know they've locked picture.  I haven't really found out much more than that. I don't know if there's a release date yet or how or when that'll be coming out.  So I'm here kind of like a horror sleuth too."

Moseley also talked about his excitement for Dead Air, a film in which he plays, for once, a protagonist: "Actually it's a great little movie; I've seen it screened a couple of times.  People like it.  I was in Worcester, MA at a horror convention called Rock and Shock; and John Landis had watched it and came over to my table and complemented me on it.  So that was very exciting and gratifying.  It was certainly a lot of work, and it was definitely a different character to be a hero instead of just resolving things by pulling out a chainsaw or a claw hammer.  I had to suffer actually and that's not something I have done a lot of.  There was a lot of suffering and happy defeats."

Regarding Field of Screams, Moseley remarked, "Right now I have a new music project called Spider Mountain.  One of our songs is going to be on the soundtrack of the new 2001 Maniacs.  But now I hear it's being called Field of Screams, and it might be up to 2002 Maniacs; I'm not sure.  I'm doing that, and I'm in the film –  I take over from Robert Englund, which is a pretty big pair of shoes to fill, but I go with what I had.  We shot it this summer in Iowa on the banks of the Missouri River.  If you had a good arm and you could throw a stone, you could throw it across the Missouri, and you'd hit Nebraska.  It was pretty nice out there.  I was very happy to see a bunch of fireflies at night because I was afraid that pollution had claimed the fireflies, but there were plenty out in Iowa!"