Exclusive: Dallas Roberts Eulogizes His Character Milton on 'The Walking Dead'



dallas robertsThe Walking Dead season three blu-ray set was released yesterday, just in time for audiences to catch up before the fourth season starts on AMC on October 13th. Even if you can’t snag one of the amazing special-edition sets, the traditional five-disc set contains plenty of special features, including deleted scenes, episode commentaries, and nearly a dozen featurettes. One of the featurettes looks back on the notable deaths this season, but one was left out: Milton. The Governor’s erstwhile lackey, Milton’s death was a pivotal part of the season finale, and we decided to give him his due. We spoke to Dallas Roberts, the actor who played Milton, to ask about dying on The Walking Dead.

“I found out for sure [that I would die] when we were shooting three episodes before. I got a call from Glen Mazzara, who was the showrunner at the time, and he said, “I’m calling to let you know that Milton is going to kick it.” I had seen it coming, so I was like, “Great! How? Let’s make it fun.” So it was a good phone call.

“I knew I wouldn’t be long for the show. There was one of two ways it could have gone. Milton could have escaped the Governor’s clutches and be assimilated into the prison group; or that he was there as a function of this storyline. It kept reinforcing itself that he was just a function of this storyline and he needed to go through the quandaries that he did, and go out. I was happy to do my time there.”