Exclusive: Oderus Urungus on the Horror Comedy of ‘Holliston'


As anyone who's seen Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Holliston (airing Tuesdays at 10:30 PM EST on FEARnet) can attest, some of the show's best lines belong to GWAR front man Oderus Urungus (a.k.a. Dave Brockie), who plays the imaginary friend, living in the closet, of Adam Green's lead character. I caught up with Oderus last year on the set of one of Holliston's first episodes, and he spoke with me about how the show brings a new kind of edginess to the medium of TV sitcoms. Read our conversation after the jump.

There hasn't really a sitcom to explore horror comedy since The Munsters or The Adams Family. But there have been a lot of horror-comedy films. Why is that?

I just think that TV sitcoms have gotten into this terribly predictable kind of pattern where you've got the goofy family and… I guess the executives are really afraid to do anything that's experimental or out there. Because they're afraid that they're going to lose money. They're afraid to do groundbreaking things because it's a financial question. So what they do is they go back to the same old formulas over and over again, and just do them to the point where it gets so terrible that finally somebody out there is willing to listen to somebody like Adam and give him a chance like this. Yeah, it's surprising there hasn't been a consistent horror comedy show. It's such a great genre you'd think there must always be one. But there hasn't. So it's like a real void that needs to be filled. I think that oughta work really well for this show, because there hasn't been anything like it for a helluva long time. But it seems like every time people did horror comedy they were very successful. I can't think of a single one since The Munsters really…. That's always been what GWAR is all about. We know that we're great studs for the sexual gods that we are. Heavy metal monsters. But the best part of GWAR is that we are funny, because we're not afraid to make fun of ourselves.

So you think GWAR fans will respond to Holliston?

I think GWAR fans will love it. I mean GWAR has always been about laughing at the archetype of the heavy metal lead singer and the whole music industry, and society in general. That's why GWAR has been for twenty-seven years, or twenty-seven million years, or whatever. Not because we fight a giant dinosaur on stage, although that is a really cool thing. It's because we're funny, and because Oderus has a helluva wicked sense of humor. It's like we've become something that society really needs and really craves. It's like that sarcastic double-edged sword of black humor that GWAR represents. It's inspired a lot of people over the years. It inspired Adam. Adam was a GWAR fan his whole life. I'd like to think that we had a big impact on the way his psyche was formed, and his twisted little mind, to come up with this thing. I know that GWAR probably wasn't very far away from him. And here's the proof of it – Oderus is in the show. That to me is like a perfect way to seal that. It's kind of like, ever since The Munsters has been over, GWAR has been like the only thing out there keeping it real, except for the occasional classic film, like Evil Dead II or whatever. So this show gives us  a chance to put all that together – the music, the horror, the comedy. But it's still got enough of the classic sitcom genres to it that I think people will latch onto it: the goofy friends, the hot girlfriend, the slovenly apartment, whatever. It's all there, so if people don't respond to it they can all go get fucked. [Laughs.]

Oderus plays Adam's imaginary friend on the show. Is this the same Oderus that GWAR fans are used to, or will we see a different side to him?

I think we'll see a different side of Oderus. I've always been expanding the character as I got new opportunities. A lot of people never expected to see Oderus on a news show. But I just finished doing a run on Fox News' Red Eye, as their official interplanetary correspondent. I got fourteen episodes under my belt before I got fired. That kind of exposed a lot of GWAR fans to a different element of the character, and it gave me an opportunity to kind of run with it. As a performer and an actor I'm always looking for new situations to get Oderus involved in. Because he's a very talented and beautiful sexy motherfucker. Yeah, I think they'll be really surprised and amazed. We'll just have to see what happens. Because I've never done anything like this before. I've done lots of theater. I've done GWAR for years now. The whole time the line between GWAR and reality has become more and more blurred until I'm not really sure where it is anymore. But I know that it's always gotten better. There's always been more opportunities, there's always been new cool things to do. And GWAR has never really made it over-the-top successfully, so you're just hungry enough to keep fighting, and this is a great opportunity to take that to a whole other level. I'm basically commanding all those GWAR fans out there to support this show, because TV is just full of crap. And this is one of the few things… I would not be involved with this unless it had my hundred percent brand of approval. This is not me being on Fox News just because I needed the publicity. This is something I really believe in strongly. And Adam… I was a fan of Adam's movies before I even met Adam. Yeah, we're very honored and touched and delighted and all that crap. Yeah, we're throwing our weight behind this one-thousand percent. And if those GWAR fans don't come along, I'd be very surprised. And they'll all have to die horribly. If they don't watch this show, I will go to their homes and I will rape them to death, yes, with the family pet. They don't want that. All you have to do… You have a choice. You can have the family pet rammed up your ass, or you can watch the show. Now I know some of you people are gonna want both. You're being greedy. I'll get to you. Just wait. Be patient.

In addition to Adam and Joe and two talented and smoking hot women, this show also has Dee Snyder. In the tradition of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, might we see Oderus and Dee get it on?

Well I think it'd be more of a love scene than a combat scene. Because we've already had the illusions in the scripts to Lance Rocket's ambiguous sexuality in the many comments he makes about the other male members. I think they can explore these things… The first six episodes is just kind of laying down the ground rules of what this is all about. Then you can take it anywhere. I mean, you've got Oderus coming through a closet door, and that door could go anywhere. In one episode they'll go through the door into the closet and find Oderus's palatial abode with dancing midgets, riding poodles, and everyone smoking crack. They can really do anything they want with this show. I know that Adam is already thinking several seasons ahead. So if this thing gets the run that it deserves, we can explore all these characters doing all kinds of things. And as long as I end up having sex with Laura [Ortiz] and Corri [English] for at least several episodes I'll be completely happy.

I think that would make a lot of us happy.

But I'm in the show goddamn it!

Understood. [Laughs.] Did Oderus have an imaginary friend as a kid?

No, I wasn't allowed to have friends. It was actually in my contract as a scumdog warrior – no friends, no family, no love; you could only eat what you kill… after you fuck it. So it was a brutal upbringing for me really. It wasn't until I got to Earth that I found some of the finer things in life. Lenny Kravitz, Pavarotti's scrotum, hanging around on skid row, having sex with homeless people… The real things that make life worth living. Here they have catering, people bring me cokes with little straws on them. And Corri English said I have a nice butt… Hi Corri! She's hot. She just blew me a kiss. Oh my God.

[Laughs.] It sounds like things are going well for you.

Yes. I'm very stoked. This show is going to be awesome. And if people don't watch it they are all going to die.

Thank you very much, Oderus.

Yes, well done, sir. Smartly executed.