Exclusive: 'Trick 'R Treat's Sam Shares His Secrets


It’s Halloween - the perfect time to enjoy cult flick Trick ‘R Treat. The anthology film is tied together by the appearance of Sam, a mysterious little trick-or-treater who embodies the spirit of Halloween and kills anyone who breaks the rules of Halloween. We spoke to Quinn Lord, the kid who played Sam, about how a child handles such a tough role.

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How did you get involved in Trick ‘R Treat?

I remember the audition vividly. I went in and did the audition as I would any other audition, but then I got this idea: “What would Sam do in this situation?” I asked [director] Michael Dougherty if he wanted to see what I thought Sam would do. He said sure, so I went across the room, I pet this imaginary cat, then I pick up this cat by its tail and walk off.

And that sold it for them?

I guess so. I had quite a lot of fun doing that audition.

How old were you when you took on the Sam role?

I was seven years old. That was seven years ago, because I am fourteen now. That was half my lifetime ago!

A role like Sam is something that normally would be given to an adult little person - not an actual kid. Was it difficult for you to bring the maturity needed?

Not really. I remember at that time I loved doing mature kinds of things. I loved acting ten years older than I was at the time. I really wanted to play that role at the time because I would watch all these different [horror] movies and see all these different characters I could reenact. So I composed Sam out of all of that. It was a really fun experience for me.

Can you talk a little bit about the costuming and the makeup? You were in a mask for essentially the whole movie.

It wasn’t too bad at all. They had this ball thing that went over my head, then cut out slits where the eyes were, then they cut slits down by where my mouth was so I could breathe more comfortably, but it ended up being another place I could look through. So I had a lot of visibility.

The original burlap sack I had over my head was quite easy to see through. For the closeups they would do a double burlap. Burlap is pretty easy to see through because it has [an open weave]. If you just put another layer on top of that, it’s like there is fog everywhere. Not too much affecting your view.

Was there anything about the film or the shoot that scared you at that age?

Not really. I’ve never really been scared of anything. This year I went into a haunted house but didn’t have that much fun because I wasn’t scared like I should be!

Was there any subject matter in the film that made your parents worried?

Not really “worried,” but my parents were worried that I wouldn’t get to see the movie when we were done. When we were filming, the worst subject matter that I was involved in or saw was myself! I think it was a deleted scene, but the kid who smashes all the pumpkins on the street, I throw an egg at him, then I flip him the bird and I run away. That’s pretty much as mature as it got, but it was one of my favorite scenes.

When the movie was finished, did you get to watch it, or did you have to wait until you were older?

I got to watch most of it, but I had to wait a year or two to watch it all the way through.

Does it surprise you that Trick ‘R Treat has such a huge cult following?

Yeah, actually, I am. All these people just love this movie. I am excited for the screening at the Egyptian, to meet all the fans.