Exclusive Video: The Cast of 'Cheap Thrills' Talk Psychopaths, Sex and Laughs



ICheap Thrills, Ethan Embry and Pat Healy play Vince and Craig, two estranged friends, each down on their luck, who run into each other at a bar. While there, they meet Colin and Violet (played by David Koechner and Sara Paxton), a wealthy married couple who are celebrating Violet's birthday. Their idea of a good time is to offer money to Vince and Craig for dumb bets and stupid tasks: who can hold their breath the longest; who will punch a dude at the bar in the face. Of course, these thrillseekers are easily bored, so the bets get more and more insane...

We chatted with the lively foursome about what drives their characters to do increasingly stupid things for increasing amounts of money, and how far they would go - if the price was right.

Cheap Thrills is currently available on VOD and in a limited theatrical release.