Exclusive: We Talk ‘The Hole' with Joe Dante


There must be something in the air. Earlier this summer, we saw Sam Raimi return to big-screen terror with spectacular results (forget its box-office, Drag Me to Hell, in time, will be considered a classic). John Carpenter just started shooting his first film since Ghosts of Mars. And soon yet another auteur who made his name with ‘80s horror will return to what he does best. Yes, Joe Dante will unleash The Hole, like many of his films a tale of young heroes encountering the supernatural. We caught up with Dante last Friday night here in LA at the New Beverly Cinema, where he was in the midst of hosting his "Dante's Inferno" film festival (running through this Thursday evening). Hit the jump for the status report he gave us on his latest film, and learn what to expect when it hits theaters next year.

"I come here to do my show," said Dante of his current schedule, "and then I go down to Marina del Rey. And between midnight and nine o'clock AM, I supervise the music recording. Because the music recording is being done in Vladislava, somewhere in Europe. It's all done remotely. The only time I can really do it is during their day, which is our night. So now I'm on this weird schedule where I'm here, and then I go there, and then I go home and go to sleep, and then I come back here. If I had any brains in my head I would not have booked it for this week. But, you know, what the hell. I love this place."

Regarding whether The Hole is a kids' film or a horror film for all ages that happens to star kids, Dante remarked, "It's trying to be all things. It's a movie that hopefully kids will see at a certain level, that parents will see at a different level. There are things that may go over [kids'] heads, which makes it more adult. It's a fine line that you walk, and you hope that you've got a movie that appeals to different age groups. But I wouldn't call it a children's movie. It's a movie with children in it. It's kind of an ‘80s horror movie. It's in the Gremlins mold, except it doesn't have any gremlins."