Exclusive: Writer-Editor Dan Braun on the Future of Dark Horse's 'Creepy'


Dan Braun is something of a renaissance man, having worked as a composer, film producer, art director, and writer. But it's Braun's current role as consulting editor of Dark Horse's Creepy that led to my interviewing him earlier this week about the future of the newly relaunched legendary horror anthology. In the conversation that follows the jump, the Eisner winner discusses the next issue of Creepy, number 7 (due out on Janaury 25th, its cover is pictured above), featuring new stories from horror favorite Joe Lansdale and Braun himself; as well as the single artist collections that will follow this year's Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson – and the relaunch of Eerie!

So word on the streets is that there are some artist changes in store for Creepy 7. What can we look forward to in 2012?

First off, Creepy has a whole new editorial team led by Editor Sierra Hahn and her trusty sidekick Brendan Wright and yours truly. We have been skimming the cream right off the top to bring you some ultra exciting work from Wilfredo Torres, Gus Floor and Patric Reynolds, all new contributors to Creepy.

Joe Lansdale, who will be featured in Creepy 7, is one of my all-time favorite horror writers. Is it safe to assume he's a longtime Creepy fan?

Working on Creepy, I no longer think anything is safe. However, in this case if the magic eight ball answered your question it would say, "All signs point to yes." 

What will his story involve?

Joe's story involves a bullied kid who creates a golem like monster to exact retribution on his tormentors. But the monster gets out of control with devastating results. 

Can we expect more from Joe in the future?

Joe is always on our "most wanted" list so yes, if we are damn lucky we will be seeing more work from Joe and his protege Keith Lansdale in further issues of Creepy and ....maybe Eerie

Sanjulian created a great cover for this issue. (I especially love the Vincent Price homage at the bottom of the image.) Any chance he'll be staying with the book for a little while? Do you have plans for any other veteran Creepy/Eerie artists to return?

Our goal has always been to create a through line to the past without being slavishly retro or overly precious. I tracked Sanjulian down at the New York Comic Con in 2009 and was delighted to find that not only was he still working but is still in top form. When he agreed to do some for work us I was thrilled. The cover for Creepy number 7 was originally created for the first Creepy trade paperback, but we decided to use the classic Eric Powell cover featuring the new Creepy Family instead so I have been waiting with baited breath to get this cover out. I consider it one of his finest. The mood and creepiness is undeniable and startling. As you probably know we brought Ken Kelly back into the fold for the cover of Creepy 5 and he joined us on our panel in San Diego this summer. The top of my list would be to get Basil Gogos to create a new cover. We shall see. 

What else can you tell us about future issues? Can you name any other new artists or writers who will appear in the book?

Of course we have a mind-bending assortment of new stories and talent lined up for Creepy number 8 and 9 and Eerie 1. I don't want to get you too excited so I'll leave some mystery. But I will state this; We all want Corben back and there is a good possibility this will happen. I personally can't think of anything more exciting. And if you happen to be a Creepy fan and a Rick Geary fan, I think you can start to prepare to get excited. 

That's fantastic news. Geary is one of the best cartoonists in comics today… You probably get this question a lot from Warren fans – but will Eerie be relaunched by Dark Horse at some point?

The answer to your question is a definite YES! We are relaunching Eerie this spring with a slight bent towards sci-fi horror and we may be bringing back some classic characters from Eerie as well. I don't want to ruin any surprises but I can tell you that the issue will feature a world-class Robot story from David Lapham that is so so good that it has all of us in a tizzy. 

More excellent news! By the way, Dark Horse's Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson was a terrific book. Might we soon see similar collections devoted to Neal Adams or other favorite Creepy/Eerie artists?

The next artist collection will be Corben. I am a huge Corben fan (who isn't?) so this was natural. Mike Richardson and I both agreed on the top three - Wrightson, Corben and Adams, so it's a good bet that Adams would be next after Corben. But I personally would love to do some artists who I think are geniuses who don't get as much limelight. My top picks for that would be Jerry Grandenetti, Tom Sutton and Angelo Torres. 

Yeah, Torres especially is a highly underrated master… Creepy also has a new product line with Stussy. What items are you most jazzed about?

The Stussy stuff has all sold out. It was an exciting co-branding that made all kinds of sense. I loved every piece we did, however there was one t-shirt that for whatever reason only made it to the prototype stage. It was just a classic Frazetta Uncle Creepy with the words in bloody dripping creepy letters "STUSSY IS CREEPY." Maybe we'll do that design for next Halloween. I kid you not, we have had a lot of requests for the classic Creepy monster briefs. Maybe Stussy will step up to the plate if we can't convince Fruit of the Loom to do it.